Kofi Boakye

"The Other Kid From Akron"

PRITT Entertainment Group Presents

Kofi: Made In Akron

Akron is known for creating the best of the best in all facets of life. From the industrial renaissance of the rubber tire industry, to 3x NBA Champion LeBron James, and Grammy Award-winning band “The Black Keys”, greatness is simply born in Akron. 

What I’m doing right now is bigger than me. Ultimately, I hope people can be inspired by the things I’m doing and it can motivate them to do something of their own. If I can inspire one person through music to create that long awaited idea or startup business, then I’m doing my job.
— Kofi Boakye

Now a new name has emerged on the music scene--Kofi Boakye. 

Greatness takes skill. Greatness takes talent. Greatness takes tenacity, determination, will-power, and self- motivation. And that’s Kofi Boakye. 

This documentary film takes an introspective look into the life of musical prodigy Kofi Boakye from growing up in the inner cities of Akron, Ohio to being one of the most highly recruited teen musicians in the nation.


Pritt Entertainment Group 

This film is captured and produced by local creative agency Pritt Entertainment Group in Akron, OH. Pritt has previously partnered with Kofi Boakye in joint production with the City of Akron Mayor's Office to launch the "Why Not Akron?" Campaign--generating over 150,000 impressions on social media.

I refuse to drown in the ocean of doubt or sink in the pool of defeat.
— Kofi Boakye