Kofi Boakye

"The Other Kid From Akron"


My Journey: Short-Film Video Series



Episode 5: One. Last. Show.

Dear Akron, Thank you for one last show! Now a new chapter lies ahead. Boston, here I come!

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Episode 1: Step One

In this first episode of the "My Journey" video series, Kofi and his Mother take a trip to a local coffee shop to complete his college application to his dream school: Berklee College of Music–Step one of a long journey ahead.

Episode 2: Family Is Everything

Family is everything. With the help of them, my tough decision for which college I’ll attend becomes so much easier. In this episode, my family and I visit Columbus, OH for my full-ride scholarship interview to The Ohio State University—one of my many potential schooling choices.

Episode 3: This One's For Akron

There’s an overwhelming sense of pride and optimism when I see the places that music can take me. In preparing for my admission audition for Berklee College of Music, 90% of it was mental. 10% was music. The moment of getting to this point is something that not many people have done. Understanding the magnitude of the moment, more than anything else, was key to make this audition a success. It’s bigger than me. This one’s for Akron.

Episode 4: Miller South Will Always Be Home

Miller South School For Visual & Performing Arts will always be home. It felt great to be back! Thank you for allowing me to be an inspiration for you to follow. I won't let you down.