Kofi Boakye

"The Other Kid From Akron"


A New Chapter


Written by Kofi Boakye

Wow—what a ride it has been. Years of anticipation and wondering when I will finally graduate high school, and here I am. 

This journey has been far from easy. It has certainly had its moments of dealing with a bevy of scrutiny and hardships. I’ve always wondered why the man above has constantly given me the most physically and mentally taxing roads to achieve the simplest tasks, but I wouldn’t trade those experiences for the world. 

It’s from those experiences that I learned to be a better man, a better leader, and a better musician. 

The constant pursuit of greatness has always been a lingering motivation for me in everything I do. In my passion of music, I simply want to be the best entertainer I can be. I owe it to my mother who has sacrificed so much for me to be in the position I’m at today.

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After much preparation and thought, I have made the decision to attend Berklee College of Music in the Fall of 2019. In the coming year, I will continue my education at the University of Akron studying business.


Knowing the uphill battle that it will take to supplement the cost of attendance to attend such a prestigious educational campus, the decision to defer my enrollment until 2019 allows me to utilize resources and raise funds to make this transition through various fundraisers and crowdfunding campaigns. Receiving a $21,000 renewable scholarship is extremely humbling, but simply not enough to suffice a smooth transition from Akron to Boston. I am confident that with the help of my community, I will achieve my goals and attend my dream school.


I am truly excited to embark this new journey.

All love,

Kofi Boakye

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